Summer Review Third Grade
Summer Review Third Grade
Summer Review Third Grade
Summer Review Third Grade
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Summer Review Third Grade

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Looking for a review for the end of the year for 3rd grade? Or summer review work to send home with your students? How about a back to school review for the fall? Look no further. This review packet can be used for all of this and more. 

This packet can also be used for a no prep printable distance learning packet.

This file includes 80 ready to print, no prep pages for review. 

✔ Page numbers are not included so that you can print and copy only the pages that are relevant for your students. 

✔ There is also nothing indicating what grade level this packet is, so you could mix and match from any of the available grade levels to make sure that the work is just right for your students.

✔ Some pages ask for a spinner. You can use a paper clip and a pencil as a simple, no cost spinner

Included in this product

  • 50 no prep math pages
  • 30 no prep literacy pages
  • Answer key
  • Summer reading printable sheets
  • Cover sheets for creating your own packets 

This was designed for end of the year third graders.

Ideas for use:

-End of the year review for third grade

-Summer review for end of the year third graders

-Back to school refresher for fourth graders

-Tutoring for 3rd or 4th graders

-In class review of a variety of concepts

-Distance learning, no prep packet for third grade 

Some topics included:

-Telling time, shapes, fractions, comparing numbers, money, place value, addition & subtraction (single & multi digit), multiplication, graphing, fact families

-Free write, letter writing, vowel sounds, sight words, parts of speech, editing sentences

Page by Page:


-General practice - time, money, base ten blocks, perimeter, area, addition, expanded form, word form (5 pages)

-General practice version 2 - fractions, story problems, pictographs, subtraction, geometry, expanded form (5 pages)

-Multiply and color (2 pages)

-Add and color (add 3 numbers)

-Subtract and color

-Add, subtract and color

-Divide and color

-Telling time to the minute (2 pages)

-Fact families (2 pages)

-Spin that number - standard, word, expanded and base ten block form (2 pages)

-Count that money - including dollar bills

-Money madness - draw money two different ways

-Fraction action - parts of a whole, parts of a group (2 pages)

-Draw it, solve it - story problems

-Even or odd - solve the multiplication problem first

-Compare fractions (2 pages)

-Compare those numbers - multiplication and division problems (2 pages)

-Least to Greatest - order fractions

-Add it up - 3 digit plus 2 digit, 4 2 digits, 3 digit plus 3 digit, 4 digit plus 3 digit (4 pages)

-Subtract those numbers - 3 digit and 3 digit, 4 digit and 4 digit, 2 digit and 2 digit (3 pages)

-Multiply those numbers - 2 digit by 1 digit

-All mixed up - 2 digit addition and subtraction

-Graph it - pictograph & bar graph (4 pages)

-Spin it then multiply it - 2 digit by 1 digit

-Spin it then add it - 2 digit and 2 digit

-Spin it then subtract it = 4 digit and 3 digit, 3 digit and 2 digit (2 pages) 


-Write about it - writing prompts for fun (10 pages)

-Color the parts of speech (2 pages)

-Expand that sentence

-Complete that sentence

-Fix the sentence (3 pages)

-What kind of noun - common, proper

-Make it plural

-Contraction action (2 pages)

-ABC order

-Letter writing (2 pages)

-Word search - high frequency words (2 pages)

-Match the sound

-Spin and Write - spelling patterns (3 pages)


Please note that this is a digital resource, so you can start using this resource immediately. 

Have a question about this product? Please contact me using the form at the top of the page.

To use - You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource. 

If this is a zip file, you will need to unzip or extract the files before opening the PDF files in Adobe Reader or a similar program.