Summer Review Kindergarten
Summer Review Kindergarten
Summer Review Kindergarten
Summer Review Kindergarten
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Summer Review Kindergarten

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Looking to get your kindergartners ready for next year? This summer review packet is designed for an end of the year and summer review. It can be used to review and reinforce concepts to avoid the summer slide. It is also perfect for back to school review in the fall. 

This packet can also be used for a no prep distance learning packet.

This file includes 100 ready to print, no prep pages for review.

✔ Page numbers are not included so that you can print and copy only the pages that are relevant for your students. 

✔ There is also nothing indicating what grade level this packet is, so you could mix and match from any of the available grade levels to make sure that the work is just right for your students.

Included in this product

  • 50 no prep math pages
  • 50 no prep literacy pages
  • Answer key
  • Summer reading printable sheets
  • Cover sheets for creating your own packets

This was designed for end of the year kindergartners who are heading to first grade in the fall. 

Ideas for use:

-End of the year review for kindergarten

-Summer review for kindergarten students

-1st grade Prep

-Back to school refresher for first grade

-Tutoring for Pre-K or K students

-Introduction to some concepts (Prek & K)

-Distance learning, no prep packet for kindergarten

**This is designed as an overall practice and review of concepts so it doesn't include all letters and sight words or every concept taught in kindergarten.**

Some topics included:

-Number identification 1-20, counting, 2D & 3D shapes, addition & subtraction up to 10, sequencing numbers, more and less, representing numbers different ways

-Letter formation, initial & final consonant sounds, writing name, letter identification, rhyming words, sight words, writing to a prompt, punctuation, plural nouns 

Page by Page:


-Practice your name

-Practice these words - my, in, to, we, up, it, is me, go

-Spin and practice - p h a y c d w f

-Spin and practice - p u a q s c z r

-Spin and practice - this, for, mom, like, and, see, big, me

-Spin and practice - at, he, the, can, we, yes, in, to, at

-Circle the word - the, and, dad, look, was

-What does it start with? (3 pages, not all letters in the alphabet included)

-What does it end with?

-What's the word? - see, you, said, for, can, dog, big, no, on, and, look

-Write about it - prompt writing (2 pages)

-Write it. Draw it - prompt writing (4 pages)

-Finish the word - CVC words (5 pages)

-Rhyming words - CVC words

-Plural nouns - (2 pages)

-Punctuation - ! . ? (3 pages)

-Color Words (2 pages)

-Color by sight word (3 pages)


-Color by number - tens frames (4 pages)

-How many are there? - count and write (5 pages)

-Shape sort - 2D and 3D (2 pages)

-Which has more? (2 pages)

-Which has less? (2 pages)

-What's the number? - write, tally mark or tens frame, draw, circle (10-20)

-Add them up - up to 10

-Dice addition - up to 10 (3 pages)

-Number words (2 pages)

-Match the number words

-Match the number

-What comes next - sequencing (2 pages)

-Fill in the blanks (2 pages)

-Draw it - up to 20 (3 pages)

-Draw it - addition and subtraction problems (8 pages)

-Tall and short - compare size


Please note that this is a digital resource, so you can start using this resource immediately. 

Have a question about this product?  Please contact me using the form at the top of the page.

To use--You will need to have an up to date version of a PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource. 

If this is a zip file, you will need to unzip or extract the files before opening the PDF files in Adobe Reader or a similar program.